Introduction: Heart-shaped Tea Bag

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A few days ago I saw a heart shaped tea bag on the internet and that inspired me to create my own with a couple of variations.

I know that tea bags are going to be thrown in the garbage after a few minutes so this probably looks useless, but taking some time to do this for someone you love is worth it, isn't it? :)

Step 1: What You Need

  • tea bag with tea
  • red thread and needle
  • piece of red fabric
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • hot glue

Step 2: Open the Tea Bag

First of all you have to open up your tea bag. Be very careful and make sure that it doesn't break too much and the tea leaves don't get out of the filter.
I'm not sure if tea bags are all the same, but you can see how I opened mine in the pictures above.

When your tea bag is open, remove the tea leaves and put them aside for a while. DON'T throw them away, you'll put them back in when the "new" filter is ready :)

Step 3: Cut the Heart

It's time to work on the filter now.

Now that your filter is empty, flatten that sheet of paper a little so that you have a flat rectangle to work on.
Fold it in half on the short side and draw a heart on it using a pencil.
When you are done drawing it, cut it. Remember that there's the other half of paper in the back so you'll get 2 identical hearts.

I noticed that my heart turned out too big to be a tea bag so I actually cut it smaller than the drawing I made at first.
You must always remember that this is, and will be, a tea bag! So don't make the heart too big :)

Step 4: Sew the Heart

Prepare a long piece of red thread with the needle. 

Sew the 2 hearts together starting from the middle spot where the two parts of the heart join. Sew all around the heart staying a couple of millimeters below the edges.
I'm not good at sewing so if you have a better way to do it, just do it! :D You can even do it using a sewing machine, but be careful because the filter paper is very thin and tends to break easily.

When you have sewn about half (or a little more) of the heart, insert the tea leaves in the heart-shaped bag. Once the tea is all in again, you can continue to sew the rest of the heart.
Don't cut the thread when you are done! Keep it as a tea bag holder so you don't need to attach a new one.
Of course you can put a new one if the remaining thread is too short, and at the same time you can cut it if it's too long.

Step 5: The Fabric Heart

I decided to make a little fabric heart as tea bag holder.

To do this, draw 2 little hearts on a piece of red fabric and cut them. They MUST be identical so you can fold the fabric in half and cut the heart that way, just like you did for the filter.
I made my hearts about 2cm big (0.78 inches).

Now glue the tip of the tea bag thread (the one that I told you not to cut before) on one of the fabric hearts using hot glue.
Finally, glue the other fabric heart on the first one, like a sandwich with the thread in the middle :D

That's it! Your tea bag is ready :) Super fast and simple!

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