Introduction: Heatless Waves

My hair is pin straight and for the life of me it does not curl with heat. It likes being straight...I on the other hand like lose waves and volume. If you do too keep on reading! ( and bare with me this is my first instructables...)

time: 3 mins for prep ....nights sleep

Will need

  • tiny elastics
  • regular hair ties
  • bobby pins
  • a couple minutes
  • comb
  • brush


  • salt/water spray
  • texturing product
  • hair mousse
  • hair spray

I did not use any of these but would recommend a for a longer hold!

PS: this works best on damp medium to long hair


Step 1: Left and Right

before we begin doing anything fancy with our hair you want to part it in half. Even if you normally part your hair to the side!

parted? alright now brush brush brush!

you don't want any tangles :)

okay now SPLIT!

This is the time to wet your hair a little if you want (with the salt spray or other hair products)

Step 2: Twist, Twist ,Twist

I will be using pictures instead of hair to show you the hair twist. I hope it helps

you can leave your bangs out of the twist if you want

  1. Grab a small section 2-3 inches from the side of your hair closest to your face
  2. split the section into two strands
  3. strand one goes over strand two
  4. NOW TWIST (now strand 1 is back to the right in the picture)

so you've got a twist !

  1. add a layer of hair to strand one ( make sure to get even the hair in the back don't pass your split)

So you've got another twist!

  • repeat what you just did add another layer and twist
  • and again
  • and again
  • and you guessed it...again

tie it off once you get to the end :)

Step 3: Bun Buns

Once you have the twist tied off keep twisting the same direction to do a bun. secure it with a hair tie and bobby pins!

the tighter the buns the better the wave!! so don't go easy on them

Step 4: AND REPEAT AGAIN ON THE OTHER SIDE...unless You Are Only Curling One Side...thats Cool Too!

Step 5: Take Picture and Even Go Out in Public Because You Probably Look Super Cute and No One Can Tell You Other Wise!

and yes you have to wear them to bed or for ATLEAST 8 hours

Once you take them off don't brush your hair! comb through with it with your hands if you must...if you brush you might make your hair frizzy.

other than that style as you please :)

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