Introduction: Heavy Duty Wall Shelf

This is a great shelf for your shop or garage ect

Its kinda built like a prison bunk bed i think

The picture is of the bottom
Don't ask me why

Step 1: Materials

For this project you need three 2 x 6 and three 2 x 4
3: four foot lengths (or at least 3 1/2 ft )
6: metal clips
3: eye bolts
3:U bolts
(1x2 is optional for the edges)

Step 2: The Wall Brace

Screw a 2x4 on to one of the 2x6
This side will go on the wall
And you will screw the 2x4 into the wall

Step 3: Cutting

Cut the 2 x 4's into 15 1/2 inch pieces
(You need 8: 15 1/2 inch pieces in total

Step 4: Screw It!

Lay the 3 : 2x6 side by side with the brace piece on the outside

Screw the 15 1/2 inch pieces on the same side
As the brace connecting the 3 boards

Be sure to spread them evenly apart or
at least somewhat

Step 5: U Bolts

Put the u bolts in the opposite side of the brace

Spread evenly again

Step 6: Put It Up

Chain order

Shelf:U bolt:clip:chain----------clip:eye bolt:wall

Screw the eyebolt into the wall
And the brace

Step 7: Sorry

This was my first time making one of these i will gladly give more detail on anything you need more info on...