Introduction: Quick Mallet

Heres a really easy wood project It only takes 5 minutes

all you need is a dowel as long as you want a 4x4 about 5 inches long some wood glue
A drill and bit thats is the same size as your dowel
And somthing to measure with and a pencil to mark with

Find the middle of the sides of your 4x4 And drill down about 2 inches Clear the chips See if your dowel fits Then take it back out (if it doesn't fit drill a bigger hole)Put quite a bit of wood glue in the hole put the dowel back in and let the glue set ( I used quick drying glue it only took about 3 minutes it might take longer for different glue After that maybe sand down your corners If you don't want to It dosnt really matter Then start wacking stuff have fun !

Step 1: