Introduction: "Heisenberg" Shots

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These shots were inspired by the TV series Breaking Bad. In the show, "Hesienberg" is the King Pin known for his specialty product "Blue Sky'". These shots are super easy to make once you track down the dry ice. You should be able to google or yelp where you can find dry ice in your local area. You can serve these for a " Breaking Bad" marathon party! In case you missed the series, it's definitely worth watching!

Breaking Bad " Heisenberg" Shots

Dry Ice - 1/2 lb

Vodka- 5 parts

Blue Curacao-  2- parts you can also substitute any blue liquor. There are many varieties  including blur rum & vodka

Juice from 2 Lemons


Special Equipment: 

Mini Glass Beaker - I've had mine for a long time. I don't remember where I got it.  Try Etsy as a source under glass beaker

Screw driver or hammer

Small funnel


Chop sticks

Lemon squeezer

Martini shaker

Measuring cup

Make the Shots:

Squeeze the juice from two lemons into a martini shaker. Add the Vodka, Blue Curacao and Ice. Give it a good shake! Next, strain the cocktail mixture into a measuring cup. Put an appropriate size funnel into the mini beaker. Pour the liquid into the beaker. 

**Always use extreme caution when handling Dry Ice****   Link to Dry Ice effects when used in a liquid. 

Next, use the back of a screw driver to break the bag of dry ice into small chips while it is still i the bag. Put a heavy cloth underneath it. The opening for the beaker is really small, so the ice chips have to be small**. Use chopsticks to gently plop the ice chips into the beaker.

Optional: As an added effect, I used a dab of sky blue gel that I added to some water and froze it. I crushed it with the back of a screw driver and added it to a small baggie. 

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