Introduction: Helping Hamburger

So you've finally given in and decided to get a smart home device. And while your new A.I. overlords are eavesdropping in on all your conversations they are also taking up valuable counter space! Let's get those wires and electronics off your counter and up on the walls. But why stop there? Instead of just hanging it on the wall let's add some pizzazz and turn your smart device into a hamburger. A "hamburger helper" :P


  • 3d Printer
  • Smooth-On Flex Foam-it
  • Smooth-On OoMoo 30
  • Hamburger buns and other foods to copy
  • Spray paint
  • Smart Home

Step 1: Design - Measuring

To achieve minimal wall damage I decided to include the screws for mounting my wall outlet into my design. After a few quick measurements I began to lay out my design on the computer.

Step 2: Design - CAD / 3D Print

Once I had the outlet and wall wart modeled in Solidworks I began to work on my design. My 3D printer does not have support material so I split up the tray into 3 separate printable parts. After some trial and error and I ironed out all the little details like wall thickness, flex angles, and slide fits.

I'm sure many will set off to design their own, but I have attached STL files for anyone who wants to skip ahead to the printing.

And for those who do not have a 3D printer but still want to partake, head over to and buy a tray.

Step 3: Find Food You Want to Copy

To make your fake foam food we first need real food to make a mold.

I went to the grocery store and bought some buns, but the echo dot is going to be a pretty large "burger patty" so I felt a larger bun would help the overall look.

I decided to try a kaiser roll as the top bun. It is pretty big and has a craft burger look to it.

Step 4: Making the Mold

Our bun mold will be made using Smooth-On Oomoo 30. This stuff couldn't be easier to use. Mix the 2 parts at a 1:1 ratio by volume and poor into a container. As it cures it will harden into a squishy silicon rubber mold that is an exact copy of whatever it was pored into or around.

Note: You may want to remove any seeds or flakes on the bread before this step. If the bread falls apart or looses seeds while de-molding it may be hard to pick them out of the mold.

Step 5: "Baking" Your Buns

Our buns will be made using Smooth-On Flex Foam it III. We will mix the 2 parts at a 2:1 ratio and poor it into our mold. We do not need to fill up our mold because the foam expands up to 15 times its size while curing. To complete the mold I placed a flat surface with a hole in the center of it on top. This will keep the bottom of the bun flat and the hole allows any excess foam to come out.

Step 6: Painting

Now that we have our fake buns and toppings we need to paint them. I found spray paint made for the most realistic and even coloring.

The foam buns come out with a white coloring so I started with a base layer of orange. And a second layer of brown spray paint to add the nice golden baked look.

Step 7: Assembly

  1. Slide the tray stand into the tray base
  2. Mount the tray base onto the wall using your outlet mounting screw
  3. Plug in the wall wart for your smart home device
  4. Run the wire up thru the hole in the tray base and wrap it around the tray stand
  5. Slide the tray into place with about 3 inches of wire remaining
  6. Plug in your smart home device
  7. Assemble your burger however you like!
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