Introduction: Hemma Light Chandelier Hack

Building off of an instructable by "edwinston14" and a suggestion by "piaferre" I created this custom chandelier for our dining room.  It was relatively cheap.  Got it all done for less than $100 with parts from Ikea, Lowes and a local Lighting/Fan store. 


-10 Hemma Lights
-10 Air Gap Caps (used to cover the Hemma fixture and hide the threading)
-10 Washers
-10 Eye Hooks
-10 Drywall Anchors (optional)
-Cover (from a lighting & fan store)
-10 Light bulbs
-2 Large Electrical Wire Nuts
-Plastic Cable Ties


-Wire Cutters
-Sanding tool (Dremel or Mouse Sander or Metal File)
-Drill with large bit
-Electrical Wire cutter/stripper

Step 1: Stretch Out Hemma Cords

Step 1:  Open all Hemma lights and stretch out cords to remove kinks (best done overnight)

Step 2:  Cut all plugs off of Hemma lights

Step 2: Prep Fixture Covers

Step 3:  Drill hole on top of Air Gap Cap to thread wire from Hemma fixture through (repeat for all fixtures)

Step 4:  Using wire cutters and sanders, grid down threading on Hemma fixture so that Air Gap Cap can slide over and cover the threading of the fixture (repeat for all fixtures)

Step 5:  Remove Air Gap Caps from all fixtures

Step 3: Paint Parts

Step 6:  Spray paint all Air Gap Caps (inside and outside), Washers, Eye Hooks and Cover with black paint 

Step 4: Prep Ceiling

Step 7:  Mark off all points on ceiling where you want to attach Eye Hooks.  If necessary, insert drywall anchors at marked points 

Step 5: Install Hooks and Thread Fixtures

 Step 8:  Insert Eye Hook through Washer.  Apply glue to washer so that it is glued flush to the ceiling when Eye Hook is screwed in.  Screw in Eye Hooks to marked points.  (repeat for all washers and hooks)

Step 9:  Install all painted Air Gap Covers over the Hemma Fixtures

Step 10:  Thread wire through Eye Hook so fixtures hang at desired height.  Remember to account for additional length of light bulb when setting length.  (repeat for all fixtures

Step 6: Connect Wiring

Step 11:  Determine desired amount of wire slack from the Eye Hook to the electrical box and cut off excess - leave an extra 3-4 inches to play with (repeat for all fixtures)

Step 12:  Strip wire cover at the end of the Hemma Fixture to expose Black & White wires.  Strip black and white wires (repeat for all fixtures)

Step 13:  Group all wires ends together and thread through cover.  Use cable tie to secure all wires together. 

Step 14:  (Hopefully you've had the power turned off from the main panel this whole time)  Using Wire Nuts, connect all black to black and white to white.

Step 7: Connect Bulbs and You're Done

Step 15:  Install light bulbs to all fixtures

Step 16:  Turn power back on and test fixture.  If all is good, turn power back off at main panel, screw in cover, turn power back on and you are done.

Step 17:  If you are using clear light bulbs like I did, this fixture is REALLY bright so I also installed a dimmer switch.