Herb Garden Between Wall Piers

Introduction: Herb Garden Between Wall Piers

This herb garden is built between the piers of the boundary fence using Bato buckets..

I am really happy with how this turned out, the plants are healthy, the only issue is it makes the side passage a little smaller, but I don't use this side for much...


1. 10 Bato Buckets (11 litres)

2. A Large plank, 40cm wide cut to lengths that fit between your piers

3. Some Bricks

4. Some lengths of 50mm PVC Pipe

5. Some 50mm PVC Pipe Joiners

5. 1 inch hole saw

6. Perlite

7. Hydroponic Nutrients

8. 12 volt water pump

9. 12 volt Solar Panel, or Household solar panel with Buck Converter

10. Flexible Tube 15mm

11. 1mm drip hose

12. Drip hose hole punch

13. Drip hose adapter

Step 1: Stack Some Bricks

I placed 2 stacks of bricks at the edge of each pier,

the bricks 'fall' half a brick every 2 metres...

the pump goes into the reservoir, pumps water into the flexible tube,

the flexible tube has a 1mm drip hose for each bucket

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    2 years ago

    Cool project! Do you have more photos from your build?


    Reply 2 years ago

    sadly no, this is my first instructable.. but I am going to build an 8-channel automatic pot waterer next I will make more photos of =D