Introduction: Hexagon Storage

Hi. i dont have any cement or know where to get any, but instuctables, please dont deny me just because its not in person. ok? I will be making this on TinkerCAD. lets start.

Step 1: One Unit=MULTIPYING!

first get out a hexagon, and make it hollow. then hit Ctrl + C then Ctrl + V and make it so the hexagons align as well as possible. make it until you made enough. make it a hole and put it inside a whole block. make sure one side is open so you can pour in cement. BEWARE! This will be tiny if you print it now. make one of the hexagons again and then make it huge. as big as you want. now make it a hole and put it inside a whole block and make sure one side is open. group it, and print it. after it's done, you can then pour in cement from the open side and let it sit to dry. after it's dry, i think you should be able knock it out of the mold. YAY! now make multiple of them and stack them. now you have a shelf. thats the end.