Introduction: Hexagon Swing With Sunken Fire Pit

This is my take on the many choices out their for building a hexagon swing with a fire pit in the middle. Most have raised fire pits so I decided to try it with a sunken pit instead.

Step 1: Start

I started by using 6x6x10s. I created the Hexagon with scrap 2x6x8. I cut the 30 degree angle on each side to create the hexagon. Final board length was 95 inches. To create the concrete forms I again just used scrap 2x6 to create a larger hexagon. You can see my horizontal boards running across the bottom lining up the corners of both the 6x6 hexagon and the concrete forms hexagon.

Step 2:

I wanted my fire pit to be sunken instead of raised like I have seen so many others. Again using scrap 2x6 I created the centerpiece. Each of the 6 boards were cut to 25 inches in length with 30 degree angles on each end. I also now removed each top 2x6 one at a time and replaced them with the final 6x6 top piece. Again 30 degree saw cuts on a 12 inch sliding saw. I used 10 inch long timberlok screws down through the uprights and through the hex angles.

Step 3:

Here I added a series of 2x6 hexagons each one rotated to point to the centerline of the next. I also added 6x6 45degree angle bracing cut to 24 inches. This gave the swing stability. At this point everything feels solid. Since the fire pit is sunken I used 4 inch pvc with a cast iron top to drain off any water. I dug a small trench to set the pipe in and then used 2x10 to build the final fire pit form.

Step 4:

View looking up.

Step 5:

A view from the back deck. I used a bit of brown release and did more of a slate finish along the inside of the hexagon and kept a stone finish to border it all in.

Step 6:

I found a heavy duty hexagonal 36" grate online. I have had this set up for 2 yrs now and all the water drains off with no issues

Step 7:

This view show the concrete after the sealer was added. It really brings out all the colors and gives it the finished look.

Step 8: