Introduction: Hi-Tech Scientific Shoes

Hi -Tech Scientific Shoes

Being a die hard football fan , I watch every football match. I, too like playing football and i am good at it too.So, I used to wonder on how can I improve my as well as others' football skills so that football wud become more exciting and more fun both in playing as well as watching.As I was thinking upon this, at last I came up with my HI-TECH SCIENTIFIC SHOES.


At first it would be better to analyse the whole model of the shoe as i did, which is given below for your ready reference.
Through this one could easily get the basic idea on what all places can we add that "SOMETHING SPECIAL" so that it can increase the performance of the player and adds to the efficiency of the player as well. ;D

Step 2: The Requirements

To make these Hi-tech scientific shoes, one does not need anything that is not easily available in the market. The list is as follows:

Football Shoes
Old used table tennis bats' grip
Foams(preferably Eco-friendly like Green cell foam)
Super Glue

Step 3: The Principle:

First of all let me ask you all one thing, “Why do we get tired while playing?”. You may answer this question  as work is done while playing which consumes energy. But let me tell you all that NO  WORK IS DONE WHILE PLAYING.  Then where does  our energy gets utilized ???
We know  that:
Now while we are running, work is being done in the perpendicular direction which means cos θ = 90. and we know that cos 90˚ = 0. Therefore  work done will be 0. then where is the energy spent???
The energy is spent while we are pushing our foot towards the ground and then again pulling it up to take the next step. And hence, we feel tired because energy is spent here.
These shoes  contain both spring and spikes which has a triple advantage.
The springs present in it reduces the momentum and ultimately the jerk which is often experienced by the player when it jumps or runs.
The spikes increase the friction and help the player wearing it to skid less because now he is able to grip the ground more firmly than earlier with the  introduction of spikes.
The springs also conserve energy as less energy is then required to pull the leg up to take the next step.

Also as you'll see, the additional accessories add up to the players' efficiency which was our main motto .

Step 4: The Making:

Take the shoes whom you want to modify.I took the standard football shoe.

At the base, it has spikes in it so that the player is able to hold the ground firmly. Also it has some vacant spaces at the base only to which I attached the springs with the help of super glue.It took me nearly 4-5 springs per shoe.Now let the glue and the spring harden.It will take almost 24-48 hours. In the mean time take some chess men(preferably pawns) [you may take any other thing that can be fitted into springs and may act like additional spike then], and cut them about 3/4 height from the base.
Note:The springs should be of a little greater size than that of the other spikes.
After the springs are perfectly attached to the base of the shoe,stick these chessmen ,which are now in the shape of a frustum of a cone, to the springs.

Take the grip of a table tennis bat and invert it.It has a rough surface usually,which provides a good grip.Cut them into the shape of your shoe where u have your toe and its bottom part rested.(this becomes the Long Pass Area and is useful in dribbling the ball too).attach these at the position shown in the figure

now take the foam and cut it into about 3-4(as per requirement)strips of around 0.75 cm in thickness and about 4-5 cm in length.
pierce out piece of foam , cavities of dimensions of 0.5 cm breadth and 1cm in length. 3 such cavities per strip must b taken out.(this helps in vacuum trap effect).attach these strips at the front part of your shoe..
for assistance,refer images

Step 5: The Working:

The Springs:
When the player jumps or  even walks , he experiences jerk. The springs fitted in these shoes are of higher lengths than the spikes. So whenever the shoe is held up and again comes down, firstly the contact is made between the springs and the ground which in turn compresses the spring and reduces the momentum  and thus helps in reducing jerks to almost negligible.
Moreover they help in conserving energy of the player.
After the spring has reduced the jerk it is still compressed and it compresses till it has come to the level of the other spikes.
Now this springed spike along with other normal spikes act together  to grip the ground firmly and reducing chances of skid.

The Vacuum Trap Effect:
What actually is the Vacuum Trap Effect?
The invented football shoes have Recessed Ribs which helps in cushioning and also in producing the Vacuum Trap Effect.
When the ball is in the air and while coming down, the player tries to receive the ball in such a manner that the ball doesn’t go further away from him. But many a timed he fails to do so and the ball moves undesirably to some distance.
When the ball makes a contact with the Recessed Ribs , made in the new shoes, these  ribs produces  a vacuum effect with the ball ,due to which the ball stops at the point in which the player wants and hence increases his /her efficiency.
The Vacuum Trap Effect along with the increase in time by the player to stop the ball provides a best pair for players' increased efficiency.

Long Passes and Dribbling:
The grip present on the top of the shoe (in red color) are used for long passes. The areas in which they are pasted are used for long passes  in the game.
These grips , when in contact with the ball, produces the desired Swing in the ball when required by the player. The player moves the leg in the direction of the swing and these grips do the rest of the work of increasing the swing in a better way.

Step 6: Overall Specifications:

Helps in gripping the ground firmly.
Reduces chances of skidding.
Springs help in reducing jerks and providing comfort to the player.
Much less energy is consumed with the help of the spring in running.
Vacuum Trap Effect
Helps the players in long passes.
Much less additional charges as spring is very cheap.
No problem from wearing inside as it does not covers the area in which feet are inserted.

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