Introduction: Hidden Sleeve Business Card Dispenser

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The business card is considered an extension of yourself in Japan. It is treated with great respect. Meanwhile, in America, people often spend minutes combing through chunky wallets, purses, and binders for their business cards. It's time to ditch this fiddling around and streamline card handouts. 

This suave revolution requires just a few household objects and 5 spare minutes. 

Step 1: Materials

For this instructable you will need:

1 suit jacket
1 pair of donor slacks (or a piece of smooth wool fabric)
1 paper clip
1 needle and black thread
1 piece of chalk
1 pair of scissors
1 sharpie
1 business card

You will also need a basic ability to sew. 

Step 2: Cut the Fabric

Take the slacks or wool fabric and lay a business card on top. 
Take the chalk and mark where to cut. Leave an extra centimeter on each side of the business card. The top of this marking should swoop down about 1/2 inch. This will allow you to grab the business card
Once the area is marked, cut it out using the finest fabric shears (or scissors) available. 

Step 3: Attach Bobby Pin

Take the bobby pin and bend it open to about a 30 degree angle. Then, bend the ends of the bobby pin together by bending at the middle of the pin. 
Next, slide the cut fabric into the bobby pin. Keep the bobby pin in the center of the fabric and sew on the bumpy side of the bobby pin. Make sure not to leave the other side of the bobby pin detached. 

Step 4: Prepare to Sew

The business card dispenser should be sewn onto the bottom of the sleeve of your choice. If you are right-handed you will probably choose the left sleeve and vice-versa. 
Identify which sleeve to sew and where the bottom of that sleeve is. Roll back the sleeve there and mark it with a sharpie.
Next, flip the jacket inside out and line up the cut piece of fabric with the markings on the sleeve.
Make sure that the side of the fabric with the flat, un-sewn side of the bobby pin is facing down on the sleeve.

Step 5: Sew on the Dispenser

Now that the fabric is lined up with the un-sewn pin facing down, it is time to sew. 
I advise pinning down the aligned fabric as it will make sewing easier and cleaner.

Take up needle and thread and sew on the business card dispenser. Use small stitches, as large stitches will make the cards snag when inserting. Take care to avoid sewing the outer fabric of the jacket.
Tie up the thread once you've finished. 

Step 6: Load Cards, Make Contacts

Take your business cards and load them into the business card dispenser. They will go into the pouch and be held by the bobby pin. Make sure that they are held in by the bobby pin and then flip the jacket outside in. 

Put on the jacket and go out into the world, ready to impress.