Introduction: Become a Digital Nomad!

About: "Logic is the beginning of wisdom; not the end" - Spock
"Digital Nomads leverage technology to work remote and live an independent & nomadic lifestyle."

This Instructable is an abstract framework of how to became a Digital Nomad.

Note: This Instructable uses the term Sovereignty in the meaning of Independence. If helpful, substitute it with the synonyms: Liberation, Indemnity, and/or Freedom.

Step 1: Ideological Sovereignty

Living in a van takes an open mind. It can seem scary at first, but everything great in life is.

Step 1: Pick up a copy of Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week. It’s a guide to ideology.

I rebuilt my life around 4hww. I make more money and I work less time. More important than all that, I am happy. It became easier for me to find joy, love, and peace with the world and myself.

It will not seem rational to give up everything to live in a van. But when you let go of material things, you will find emotional freedom. The expensive objects become cloudy burdens on your life. Simplicity will seep into you, your work, and your relationships.


“Alexa, order 4-hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss”

Step 2: Financial Sovereignty

I hope by now you have a copy of 4-Hour Work Week in hand or en route to you. Read it.

There's a million ways to make more money with less time from anywhere in the world.
It's a matter of mindset. The 4hww is a guide to that mindset.

If you want six figures, you do not have to be stressed, busy, and removed from loved-ones. Too many people make these mistakes and there is no amount of money that can make it worthwhile.

The luxury of life is time. Realize this before you have run out of it.

(I was going to omit this, but I do web development and graphic design. I taught myself in only a few months using entirely free online-resources. It is a surprisingly easy industry to enter into with no degree. I made a Google Doc of the resources I used to learn web development. I encourage anyone interested to look into web development for fun or for industry.)

Step 3: Material Sovereignty

How many pounds of clothes, electronics and furniture do you own?

How many have you used in the past 3 months?

Find your nearest buy-nothing Facebook page, Craigslist free-section, or Goodwill. Let go of the exercise equipment and books you'll never use.

Ask yourself:
What makes me happy?
What is just in the way of what makes me happy?

(This is a good opportunity to invest a bit in a very reduced & reliable wardrobe)

Step 4: Geographical Sovereignty

I bought a white 1995 Ford Aerostar XLT. It had 142k miles on it and I paid $900.
I spent around $700 to build it out to be a Pinterest-worthy camper van.

The last image of this step is a brief rundown of the Build-out processes & costs:

The internet has a good bit of reference material on building a camper van. Check out The Vanual, Build a Camper Van, or WikiBooks. If you have your van, you can go anywhere. Your limitations or lack thereof are up to your imagination.

I enjoy making personal challenges/exercises to fill time:

  • See how long you can go without your phone.
  • See how many miles you can run.
  • Take a month to learn an instrument you've always wanted to learn.
  • etc, etc,...Ask the internet what interesting things you should do.

Step 5: Ideological Sovereignty (revisited)

After becoming a Digital Nomad, your ideologies and worldviews are completely different. The meaninglessness of many things becomes clear. This step is a suggestion to take time and assess your ideologies and behavior.

Look out for old habits of stress over meaninglessness. There's no point in building a stress-free lifestyle if you can't relax.

Take time to watch your behavior and emotion. Take time to grow & find your self.

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