Introduction: Hide Money in a Deck of Cards

Hi everyone!

In this ible I'm gonna show you how to make a cool masked container where you can hide your money. It's totally free since as you can see in the following step, you will need just a deck of cards, a x-acto knife and any kind of glue.

Step 1: Materials & Tools


- a deck of cards.
(I used a 1$ one, but you could also use an old one)


- x-acto knife

- metal ruler

- glue and brush

- marking pen

Step 2: Divide and Glue the Cards

First of all divide the cards in 3 decks.

Two smaller ones (of 6/7 cards each) for the bottom and the top of the container, and a bigger one (with all the remaining cards) for the sides of the container.

Take the bigger deck and apply a little amount of a powerful glue (like attack) on each side. This will help you to apply a transparent glue (like vinavil) on all the surface of the borders. (photo #3)

Let the glue dry and repeat the process with the smaller decks.

Step 3: Cut the Bigger Deck

Using a marking pen mark 4 lines 1cm from the edges.

Then helping you with a metal ruler (not a plastic one or you will cut itself) cut the central part of the deck.

Remove the central cut parts and continue to cut until you will get just the edges.

Step 4: The Container

Once you get something like photo #1 apply the glue on the inner edges as you did in STEP2.

Then take a smaller deck, and glue the previously cut deck onto it.

Now you should have a container like mine in photo #3.

Step 5: Hide the Money

Fold your money, insert them in, and put the other smaller deck onto it. This will be the cover of the container.

Put a rubberband around your custom deck of cards, and no one will notice it.

Step 6: Finish! SAVE the Money, HIDE Them and Become Rich

I hope that you liked this quick and easy project!

Save money, hide them in your DIY safe, and become rich!! :P

Thank you for reading my Instructable. ;)
Feel free to comment and ask if you need to know something!


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