Introduction: Hide Your Message Inside Image

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Hello World! Whats going on? Hope you all are doing well. :)

Today, I am gonna show you, How to hide your Message inside Image. For that you will need on Image file and one Text file. In Text file you will write a message which you want to hide.

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So, Let's Start. :)

Step 1: Set Your Message

First of all you will have to create one Text file and Write some message which you want to hide.

Here on my desktop, I have two files. one is image file and second one is text file. In Text file i have written my secret message which we are going to hide in image.

Step 2: Hiding Message Inside Image

Now we are going to use command prompt to hide the message inside image. We will use copy command with binary data for this.

Open your command prompt (Windows + R - Type cmd - Press Enter) and change current directory to Desktop(Where your both file is exist)

Type below command in cmd and press Enter. (You will have to update below command as per your file name)

copy /b TheMOIsLogo.jpg + MyPassword.txt NewLogo.jpg

Here you need to do some require changes in above command.

TheMOIsLogo.jpg is the original image file name.

MyPassword.txt is text file which contains come confidential information

NewLogo.jpg is new file name which will get created on the same path and NewLogo.jpg is the new image file name that you want to create(This will contains your message.)

After Executing above command you will see one new file on your desktop which will contain your message.

Step 3: Read Your Message From Image File

Now, in you file our message is hidden. But how we can read that message.

Just open this new image file in Notepad. Go to the End of File and you will get your message. :)

Isn't it cool? :)

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