Hide Your Personal/ Private Files Without Any Locker or Security App in Android

Introduction: Hide Your Personal/ Private Files Without Any Locker or Security App in Android

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if you have some very private files in your phone and you want to hide them from others and from Data sync app.Then this trick will definitely help you.
Basically Android system creates ".ABCD" files and Folders to hide system files and media but we are going to use this trick To protect our media.

Step 1: Method 1

Install Root explorer or any other free 3rd party file manager and Create a new file with name ".nomedia" (only".nomedia " nothing before and nothing after it)and paste it in desired folder where all required files are exist .it will hide all media from gallery or media apps not from file manager.

For Example:-
-I want to hide all data(Photos,videos,documents etc) from the folder "Androroot" as you can see the See attached screenshots.
-Simply i created the ".nomedia" file with fx file manager app.(screenshot-2,3,4)
-And i moved it to the desired folder.
-And the result can be seen in screenshot 6

How to Unhide:-
Just delete ".nomedia" file and restart your smartphone.

Step 2: Method 2

Add a "dot" (.) before the name of the folder. for example if you have private media in the folder "Picture" then just simply rename it to ".Picture" .No reboot and 3rd party app required.with the help of this trick you can hide all media from everywhere even from file manager.
For Example:-
-Again i selected a folder "AndroRoot"and pasted all of my private data in it.
-Renamed it to ".Androroot"
- All of files are not visible to the media app or everywhere even from file manager and sync data apps.

*.How to Unhide:-Go to File manager app>options>and tap on show hidden files.and remove dot from the folder name>restart.

so use these methods to protect your Personal data/media and feel safe.

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