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Soldering iron is an important part of project making. It is very basic but same time it is very useful for making projects and doing soldering. In this All in One Homemade Soldering Stand I tried my best to make a complete soldering station for all my work.

As an Engineer, I also have the same problem like many of the other engineers, And the Problem is that we think that we can make anything from the Garbage, Homemade Soldering Stand with Helping Arm and Fume Extractor was the easiest project, so I tried it too. Let's see the result.

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Step 1: Planning:-

I had seen some of the soldering stands on the internet and also on Instructables. so I know that I wanted a Soldering iron Holder, A Fume Extractor and some helping arm, Fixed on the same base in this homemade projects. To Complete this I also need 4 things to complete this projects.

  1. A solid, stable base For Soldering iron Holder, Fume Extractor, and Helping Arm.
  2. A Soldering Iron Holder
  3. Fume Extractor
  4. Helping Arms

Some Important things I take care of

  • I am a Right hander so it is obvious that the Soldering iron holder will be at the right side of the base and also the soldering wire will be near it.After these two there will be Helping arm and fume extractor.
  • I am also planning to convert it to an All in One Soldering Station. To do That I just need the perfect Soldering iron setup. Then this project will be only used as Helping Arm and fume extractor.

So let's see what I found for these 4 requirements and what I used in this project to complete the requirements to make a homemade soldering stand with helping arm and Fume Extractor.

Step 2: What Really I Used to Make the Homemade Soldering Stand With Helping Arm and Fume Extractor

  • 1 x base of heavy, big Table Lamp,
    • You can use Wooden base, Marble sheet or tiles.
    • You Can Use marble or terracotta tile or plane Wood.
    • You can also use CD-Drive case or SMPS case
  • 1 x Thick Wire For Soldering iron Holder
    • You Can Use coat hanger's wire
  • 4 x Crocodile Clips/ alligator clips for Arm
  • 6 x ~20cm long and ~2mm thick Metallic Flexible Wire for Arms
  • 1 x switch
  • 3 x white dome LED or a 5V 1.2W Portable Flexible USB LED Light Lamp
  • 1 x Small magnifying Glass
  • CPU Fan ( i used a 12volt CPU Fan)
  • 12v Adapter ( According to fan)
  • Activated Carbon filter sponge
  • Female Power jack ( to connect the fan to the adopter)
  • Some Connecting Wires
  • Nut, Bolts, and Washers.Extra wire and a thicker pen.

Tools I Used

  1. Drill Machine
  2. Nose piler
  3. Screw Driver
  4. Soldering Iron
  5. Hot Glue Gun

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Step 3: Personally, I Started With Soldering Iron Stand.

  1. I just twisted the wire around a thicker pen or screwdriver to give it the shape as shown below.
  2. Used a metallic plate(I got it from an old 12-0-12 transformer) to provide more stability to the holder. It is not mandatory.
  3. Then drilled a hole in Base and insert a screw through it. Twist the wire around the screw tightly and then use washer and bolt to fix the holder on base very tightly as in pictures.
  4. I also made a soldering wire holder and to make it, I used some thick wire with a metallic plate and attached it to the base by drilling a hole near the Soldering iron stand I used wood and nut bolt to fix it.
  5. I am using wood here to free the holders to rotate in any direction.It will make things easier while soldering big circuits.

Step 4: How I Made Homemade Helping Arms.

  1. I chose the flexible metal wire to make the arms for the helping hands because it's easy to flex around and also it can hold circuits easily and it's pretty cheap.
  2. Make a small loop at one end and screw it down to the base using drill machine and Nut Bolt and Washer.
  3. Make a similar loop on the other end and secure the alligator clip to it. you can build as many arms as you want I build 4.
  4. I also attached 2 helping arms using the same method as above to connect the Magnifying Glass and LED.
    • To make a magnifying glass attachment, take a piece metal wire, make a loop and secure a small magnifying glass to it. make a Loop at the other end and screw it down to the base. just like I did with the arms.
    • To make a light attachment, I used a 5V 1.2W Portable Flexible USB LED Light Lamp.And cut it in half then used some connecting wire to make them longer. And then I take a piece of metal wire, made a loop and secure the light to it. make a Loop at the other end and screw it down to the base. just like i did with the arms.
    • But if you don't have it then You can use 3 white dome LEDs(super bright) they disperse light neatly Connect them in parallel. In this way, the current draw is a little over 23mA. On a fully charged 880mAh 3.7v Li-Ion battery, it lasts about 30 minutes.

Detailed Post:- How to Make an All in One Homemade Soldering Stand

Step 5: How I Made a Small Homemade Soldering Fume Extractor

  1. I used The activated carbon filter sponge and a CPU Fan to make a Homemade soldering Fume extractor.Then Connect the wires from the fan to the female power jack and then connected it to the adopter.
  2. I used the glue gun, screw and tape to attach the Carbon filter sponge behind( Above picture) the fan.
  3. I fixed the fan to the base at some height.

Step 6: Final Result

I am happy with the result. I will not suggest you to Copy my ideas or search and use same things, Tools, and material. I know you can make better than my project. Just use your creativity and mind and try to make an All in one Soldering station which will fulfill your requirements.

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