Introduction: High Heel Christmas Stocking

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Store bought Christmas stockings have always seemed lame. After a few high heel versions I saw on Woot I decided to do what fellow instructalbes members do...MAKE ONE. One that  would match my wife's personality a bit better.

So here is my wife's new high heel stocking. She was just given it today as a Christmas gift so Santa could fill it on Christmas eve. (of course I believe in Santa he is the original maker....) Its both a gift and a gift magnet.

So lets get started..

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

2/3 ish yards fabric for the boot upper. (red velvet from Joanns)
1/3 yard boot trim. (white fur stuff from Joanns)
One pair heels (goodwill, if you have issues with old shoes buy new. all parts were either painted or covered)
1 tube shoe goo (home depot)
Spray adhesive
a sewing machine
thread to match the upper color and trim color
a paper bag for a pattern
a pencil
a pair of scissors
a kinfe with a rounded thick blade
a screw driver (flat) or a trim stick
spray paint for the heel (what ever color you like i used black)
lots of your wife doesn't catch you
cash money (to bribe the kids, see above)

Step 2: Get Cuttin..

Separate the upper from the sole of the shoe. Insert the knife blade between the sole, and rock it back and fourth. The toe is a good point to start. I found this out after taking the picture and struggling. You will need to open the heel up also use the knife to open it and pull the upper material out. Use a straight screw driver to pry up the edges of the sole from the plastic heel. When you are done the shoe should look like the second picture.

Step 3: Pattern

Now take your paper bag and cut the front and back panels off. Place the bag against the shoe and trace the sole to the bag. You will need to mark the center point of the heel and toe. Don't cut yet (i did on the toe and had to tape it)

The first picture shows tracing the pattern the second shows marking the center of the heel do the same for the toe.

Step 4: A Bit of Sketching

This is the free form part. You will need to sketch out a basic shape for the upper.

If you don't think you can do this grab a dress boot from somewhere, wife, mother, old lady sleeping at the bus stop whatever. (no old ladies were hurt in the making of this instructable nor do we condone this) and trace the boot over the sole trace.

Sketch out the pattern then cut 1 inch to the outside of it. The extra will be for the stitching and the wrapping on the sole.

Step 5: Picaso Never Used Spray Paint...

Since it takes some time to dry now is a good time to paint the heel. Give it quick sanding and wipe down with cleaner, alcohol and paint it. You may want to pull the heel tip before you paint if you are going to replace it. I had a bunch hanging around from replacing many on the wife's shoes. Use the knife to pull the tip out and pull it out with pliers. Use the second heel to grind the new tip profile. A dremel and the sanding wheel works best for this. 

Step 6: Cut the Upper

Take the material you bought for the upper and fold it in half inside to inside place your pattern on the outside and cut around it.

Step 7: Sew What's Next?

Cut a 6 in by 2 in strip of upper material and get out your sewing machine and stitch the upper together. You will need to flip the material around so the outside is to the outside (second picture). Sew only the vertical edges of the material if the boot were standing. Also fold the strip of material in half good side to the inside and sew the long edge.

Step 8: Cut the Trim and Sew On...

This was the hardest part of the whole project. Trying to figure out how to stitch on the trim.

To get the size fold the trim inside to inside the width you want, then wrap it around the outside of the upper. I laid it down at the top and folded it in half.  (first picture)

To stitch it on I put on I first stitched the long ends of the trim together. make sure the upper is inside out. Put the trim inside the upper with the good side of the trim facing the good side upper and stitch the top edge. Make sure the back seam of the upper lines up with the seam of the trim. (second picture)

Now fold the whole thing right side out. You will then tuck in the trim to the boot to the height you like. Sew from the outside through both of the trim pieces folded on each other. (Third picture)

Step 9: Add Felt Inside the Stocking on the Foot Bed.

I added a black felt on the top of where the foot bed was just to cover the entire shoe. The foot bed had been pulled completely off first.

Step 10: Time to Glue

Be careful not to get a bunch of glue on you hands it gets everywhere.
Spread a bead of glue on the inside of the sole. Align the front seam of upper with the tip of the toe. Then wrap the sides in and the toe over the sides.

Step 11: Tuck in the Heel

Once the material has been glued down to the sole you have to tuck whats left in between the heel and the sole. Open the gap with a flat blade screw driver. Then add a bit of glue to the top of the opening and use a trim stick or flat screw driver to push the fabric in.

Step 12: Jed Clamp It

Use a bunch of clamps to hold the sole to the inner. I just used a few pieces of scrap wood, some spring clamps, and a quick grip. Use what you have. Check for any run away glue and let it dry.

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