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Introduction: Highly Customizable "modular" Bag From Scraps

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Before anything,
I would like to take a moment to point out my experience with instructables.

This is my very first instructable, meaning feel free to give any helpful advice or tips that might help make better instructables in the future.
Also, please excuse the image quality.
with that said , follow and enjoy.

to make it short :
one afternoon I was looking into project ARA by Google,
"haha ! modular phone ! that's epic" I thought, and while I was working on a project crazy thoughts came to me.
such as "what if Google made a bag , an ara bag ?" "what if I MADE THE BAG YOU CAN SWITCH PARTS WITH , which is also MADE from parts !?"
and that's where I got to work .
Super simple design , yet many many possibilities, and made from just scraps
so have fun leatherworkers , bushcrafters and bored people that will try this project, I hope it comes in handy.

Step 1: Prepare Your Items (it's Kinda Nice to Have the Necessary Nearby)

-leather , (any type. scraps and faux leather , fabric etc.)
-thread , embroidery, waxed , yarn , calf lace , up to you.
-needles ,
- ruler
-object for marking, pen , pencil , anything
-scratch awl , or any awl in general
(budget? : use anything sharp really just keep a fine point)
-cutting object, exacto knife , pocket knife , anything works really. I personally stick to a box knife always works
-stitch groover
-dye , fiebings and eco-flo work great ,
-finish , super shene is my go-to
-stamp tools , Amazon has some nice deals
-swivel knife , same description as the stamp tools
- edge slicker , also good on Amazon
-edge kote
-all the fancy stuff you might like to add to your leather

Step 2: Design

This is funnest part of all , yes I love sarcasm.
you draw out Your measurements. (you may do any size you want)
I did mine 9×7
yes inches.
I'm only drawing on a thin piece of cardboard if anyone wondered.
what I used : (please keep in mind that these 3 arr VERY necessary for this project)
9×7 (three pieces )
9×1.3 strip
.5×1 strops (two)

Step 3: Prepare Your Leather (or Fabric)

gather all your scraps,
if not using scraps gather a large piece enough for your desired measurements.
same goes if you're not using leather.

Step 4: Cut Out Your Leather (or Fabric)

After tracing your design onto the leather it's time to start cutting.
(as mentioned earlier , a box knife works great for me)

Step 5: (OPTIONAL)

for those making the bag from scraps.
you can cut out the amount you need your desired measurements and put them together using a Cross-Stitch.
The cross stitch isnt very hard , yet it is.
I hope my images help describe the process, but YouTube and google do have better guides.

Step 6: Corners Corners and More Corners

I believe that if corner is used correctly for the project the project can look much nicer ,
so use the most inexpensive method out there , the penny
align the penny against the leather , as picture one shows , then cut out anything beyond the penny , picture 2

Step 7: Trace

trace the line you'll be stitching on ,
you can use a groover or just any regular that. keep a fair distance from the edge of your leather , it's all on the budget once more.

Step 8: Mark and Punch

This is the actual fun part
you either stick to images 1 & 2
or number 3 & 4
or if budget , go with a small iron nail , or something.

(also make sure to add any accessories or additional things before stitching, makes life easier)

Step 9: Mark and Punch

here you get your needles , thread and fair amount of food for the endless stitching.
stitching pony is helpful but we have knees ,
I'm sorry if not
and we saddle stitch our way around all the pieces
2 of my 9×7 pieces will make up the back and the flap of the bag and the third one the front , the 9×1.3 will be what I will snap anything onto , and the .5×1 will do the same but on the side for any smaller objects or pouches added


At this point feel free to stamp and tool your piece all you want , slick the edges , dye it , add finish, water-prove it, snow-prove it , anything you'd like , make it stylish , make it you XD (I will make a beginner-friendly guide on stamping and leatherworking in the near future)

Step 11: YOU'RE DONE !

now just add any straps for your shoulder , and anything with snaps can be attached to your bag just like your belt , make some pouches , get creative ,


I hope whoever made this had a nice time making it , along with a stylish outcome,
and has good use for it
there WILL be a "version 2" made for this but I hope you enjoyed this one ,
comments help a lot so there's that section,
have a nice day , make one for your girlfriend, your wife (hopefully you don't have both at once )
hug your kids , kiss your woman , draw her a flower , same goes for the ladies ,
tell them you love them. Doesn't hurt to.

Step 13:

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    Such an amazing creation!!!