Introduction: Hiking Stick Holder

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Do your kids take home a lot of sticks from hikes?

Try the simple hiking stick holder.

* Note: never cut just any live tree! Take wood only from approved sources, such as a conservation project that thins out a timber stand or trail-building and trail-improvement projects.


One 1x6 - 10 ft Pine Wood

2 feet of rope

Staple gun

Nailgun or hammer and nails

Step 1: Cuts

Cut the 1x6 board into four two-foot sections. You should be left with one board.

The last board will need to be cut into a 5in x 5in square to act as the bottom of the holder.

Step 2: Glue and Nail

Quickest is a nail gun but hammer and nails do as well.

Join an edge to the same side of each board and repeat. Going in a circular manner use the wood glue and nail together.

Step 3: Bottom

The 5 x 5 square piece will be slightly larger. Do a visual measure and cut to size. Glue and nail.

Step 4: Handles

Cut the rope in half. I knotted the ends to prevent fraying. You can also use a lighter to melt the ends.

I used 8 inches here and a staple gun to attach to the sides.

Step 5: Add the Sticks

The holder is solid wood and a heavy base. Best kept in a corner to keep from tipping. The hiking sticks make a great display in this.