Introduction: Hip Street Mp3 Mp4 Player Battery Replacment From a Cell Phone

I've had this Hip Street mp4 player for a while now. It, Like a lot of mp3/mp4 players has a built in li-ion (lithium ion) battery. The play time has never been great. but lately I've pretty much stopped using it because it's deteriorated so much, its down to about 1/2 an hour per good.
so i decided to do something about it

Step 1: The Guts

Was a very simple disassembly 2 tiny screws, and the lid popped off, revealing the guts.

Step 2: Taking Out the Battery

the battery was just stuck in there with some 2 sided tape, Carefully pulled it out

Step 3: Ripping Out Some of the Guts

de-soldered the 2 wires, tossed the old battery (in an acceptable li-ion battery recycling bin)

Now to find a replacement

Step 4: New Battery Disassembly

the Samsung A660 battery I had laying around was surprisingly easy to Carefully pop apart, revealing the li-ion cell with its protection circuit., a simple check with a multi-meter slowed me which of the 3 pins were positive/negative. I decided to leave the protection circuits alone, I was going to swap them, but decided the battery makers Probably designed the circuit to match the battery

Step 5: Jam It in There

I had to move the built in speaker a little bit, and its a touch to thick...but its capacity is worth it. Now before I could finish I had to wrap something around the battery to protect the circuitry. I used a ESD bag i had kicking around. Then I soldered it in there and

Step 6: Wrap Up

Well the results seem good so far. I had fully charged the battery before I did this project, and since I re-assembled (4h+) I have been playing full volume, back light on, and the battery bar still shows, so far so good., only side effects, side of the case is swelled out a speck... I'm not worried about that, and the SD Card reader jammed a little bit the first card i put in it, which also does not bother me...i don't really use the SD slot...and if i need to it still works...just harder to get the card out
All in all I LIKE IT

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