Introduction: His Unused Speaker Into My Mini Liquor Cabinet

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Got a broken or unused speaker? Turn it into a cute liquor cabinet.. or any kind of cabinet you like.

Supplies needed:

  1. Unused speaker
  2. some wood to use as shelves (amount needed varies based on the size of speaker you use),
  3. paint,
  4. screws,
  5. hinges,
  6. corner brackets
  7. I bought a LED light

Tools needed:

  1. screw driver,
  2. wire cutter,
  3. cordless drill,
  4. miter/skill saw,
  5. sandpaper,
  6. staple gun
  7. hot glue gun.

* I knew I wanted my new cabinet to look like a real speaker when closed with a liquor surprise when opened. You however can paint or decorate your new cabinet anyway you like.
Cheers and Have Fun!!

Step 1: Gut It

Remove speaker cover. Mine just pops off, but some speakers will have a few screws holding it on.

Carefully empty the speaker removing all insulation, internal wiring and components.

*Speakers can be insulated with fiberglass insulation and this is known to irritate some skin types. I recommend wearing gloves.

Step 2: Mark Your Outline

Once gutted I placed my speaker cover back on, marking exactly where it lays on the face of the speaker. I want my speaker to look as real as possible when it's closed so it’s extremely important I do not cut my opening any bigger than my speaker cover. Remove the speaker cover again and I used a paint marker to clearly outline where I want to cut my new speaker face.

Step 3: Cutting Time

You want to cut as straight as possible along your marked lines. Once done you can measure the width and depth of your speaker so you can cut your extra wood to your needed measurements for shelves.

*I waited till I found some scarp wood (got mine from an old drawer) that was close to my needed measurements. I took the drawer apart for the two pieces I wanted and just used a sander to get it down to size.

Step 4: Sand and Paint

Do any sanding needed and paint the interior and your shelves any color or design you like.

You don’t have to cover any hole in the back if you don’t want to, but I simply took some black fabric I had laying around and used a staple gun to staple it over the opening. (I also took a black paint marker and colored the staples black so they weren't noticeable)

**Leaving the hole can make for an easy addition of a plugin string of colored lights as well.

Step 5: Add Hardware

After your paint is dry you can start adding your hardware. I screwed the corner brackets to the bottom of my shelves, then screwed the corner brackets to the speaker. You can put your shelves where ever you like, I choose to put my smaller shelf towards the top for shot glasses, and my full shelf several inches lower to hold regular size glasses.

Step 6: Dont Worry If You Have a Problem

When I went to add my hinges I ran into a problem. In the top pic I tried to show that my hinge lined up perfectly with a small space in my speaker cover. Because I want my speaker to look real when closed the position of the hinge is important. My fix... I found a strip of scrap wood and sanded it down till it fit tightly into the space in my cover. I hot glued that strip of wood into the cover and attached hinges as normal. A quick run of a black paint marker and you can't even tell I did anything at all.

Step 7: Add Light

I found a two pack of battery operated LED "Stick and click" lights at my local hardware store for 11.99 so I'm using one of those. I had thought of stapling a string of colored lights to the top of my cabinet but decided I didn't want to have the hassle of needing to keep it plugged in. I really wanted to use a drawer light (small battery operated light that uses a magnet so the light comes on automatically when opened) but they were a little expensive for my taste. You can pick what works best for you. My lights came with its own adhesive sticker so I just needed to stick my light up into the top of my cabinet.

Step 8: Stock and Enjoy!

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