Introduction: Hold the Staples

Have you ever been in a pinch were you need to come up with a school project at the last minute, or need to attach multiple papers together to finish your essay. Then you realize that, you have no staples! Well maybe you do or maybe you don’t and you just have an almost infinite supply of staples. Either way in this instructables you will learn how to make a mini booklet without using any staples.


  • Paper 2-4

Step 1: Beginning Pages

Alright, so as far as materials and tools all you’re literally only going to need paper and scissors. Nothing else, just paper and scissors. As of how much paper well, that’s up to you. You need at least 2 pieces of paper but you can use as much as you want, I will be using three. Just note that past four pieces of paper it becomes very difficult to fit the pages together. So the first in making your booklet is very simple you want to hold your paper in the landscape and fold it in the middle vertically. Next, you want to keep the paper folded and from the top of the paper measure down about an inch (doesn’t have to be perfect), and mark it with a small line you also need to do this from the bottom up. You need to do this for all your pieces of paper It’s very important to have all the mark at the same level.

Step 2: Making Attachments

In this step you’ll be surprised just how easy making this booklet will be. So you need to pick one piece of paper to separate from the rest doesn’t matter which one, just set it to the side for later in this step. With the rest of you papers you need to unfold them and from the top and bottom cut until you reach the mark you set in the last step, we’ll call these groups of papers group 1. Once you have done this take out that paper you put to the side a minute ago and your going to want to do the opposite. What I mean by that is you want to unfold the paper and cut between the mark along the crease of the paper, even through it only one paper we’ll call this group 2. If there is confusion the red circles on the image show where the cuts need to be made.

Step 3: The Construction

(Read entire step before starting)

This is the third and final step in making your booklet. So remember how I said how easy making this would be, well technically I didn’t lie 2/3 of this was easy. What I’m trying to say it the is definitely the hardest part and where most people mess up, so read carefully. The first thing you want to do is take group 2 and unfold it and have it in a way where it easy to pick up with one hand later on. Now take a paper from group 1 unfold it then fold the paper horizontally but do not crease it, then while holding that in your hand grab the paper from group 2 with your other hand and slide it into the slots until the cut line up. When they line up turn the paper from group 1 90 degrees then open it making all the cuts slide in together. Now you have your booklet, if you want to add more pages repeat step three.

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