Introduction: Holding Concertina Window Shutters With Magnets

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Window shutters are a stunning and popular design feature preferred by many homeowners seeking to replicate the authenticity of Victorian housing. Although solid wood window shutters were a standard feature in many Victorian houses, designed to help keep the cold out and warm air in there are often installed in modern homes to block out light and noise and make a room feel warm and cosy.

Like many old properties, windows are not always perfectly straight which means that newly installed window shutters sometimes do not stay together when open. With a few strong magnets, steel plates, a bit of wood filler and patience it is easy to create hidden magnetic fastenings.

Step 1: Create a Groove

First, chisel out a groove in the left-hand panel of the concertina shutters. An ideal sized magnet for this project a 50mm x 10mm x 1.5mm neodymium magnet. You can get these direct from first4magnets.

Step 2: Insert the Magnets

Push the magnets in to the groove and secure in place using adhesive.

Step 3: Fill Over With Wood Filler.

Fill in the groove with wood filler

Step 4: Fix Correspending Steel Plate

Fix a steel plate to the right-hand panel of the concertina shutters so that it lines up perfectly with the concealed magnet

Step 5: Finished

Enjoy your new shutters!