Hole Distance Measuring Callipers




Introduction: Hole Distance Measuring Callipers

Maybe you measured hole distance with vernier calipers.

It's not exact cause hard to center its teeth.

Simple 3D printed parts can handle it.

Step 1: Hole Measuring Tool

It's like vernier calipers but its teeth is cone shape.

So cone's center must be hole's center

and can measure center to center.

Step 2: Design It

Draw cone and cut slit. The slit's width is your venier calipers's thickness.

Calipers' tooth should be center of cone. cut radius deep.

Step 3:

Now print. Mine are not peaky. but now just go on.

I made a bolt hole to fix but didn't need a bolt to fix it

And two cone's distance should be 20mm, but it's 21mm

Instead re-printing it I will minus 1mm.

Step 4: Measure Hole.

Now you can measure hole distance easily.

You can measure side to hole with one cone.

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    with holes with the same size diameter yo can measre the from the edge of the hole to the opposite edge of the other hole and that is the center to center measurement. Very cool instuctable and great idea


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I usually measure either the two outside edges and subtract the diameter or measure in the inside edges and add the diameter. But these look great!

    These are so clever, and I bet can be so helpful when building tiny items. I hope you show us what you build using this custom tool. Welcome to instructables!