Introduction: Hole Distance Measuring Callipers

Maybe you measured hole distance with vernier calipers.

It's not exact cause hard to center its teeth.

Simple 3D printed parts can handle it.

Step 1: Hole Measuring Tool

It's like vernier calipers but its teeth is cone shape.

So cone's center must be hole's center

and can measure center to center.

Step 2: Design It

Draw cone and cut slit. The slit's width is your venier calipers's thickness.

Calipers' tooth should be center of cone. cut radius deep.

Step 3:

Now print. Mine are not peaky. but now just go on.

I made a bolt hole to fix but didn't need a bolt to fix it

And two cone's distance should be 20mm, but it's 21mm

Instead re-printing it I will minus 1mm.

Step 4: Measure Hole.

Now you can measure hole distance easily.

You can measure side to hole with one cone.