Introduction: Holi-Lights: Programmable Multi-Holiday Wreath

This wreath allows you to leave holiday decorations up all year round! With the touch of a button it can change colors to fit the season. You can even make your own color!

Step 1: Materials

1. Wreath- I began with a wreath from a local craft store. It was about $4. I would recommend a more generic wreath so it doesn't seem to be out of season even in the summer. Also a wreath that has sturdier branches wouldn't shed sticks all over the floor so that should be another consideration.

2. LED Lights- I found a multicolor LED string on Amazon here. Around $30 plus shipping. These had a operation temperature restriction so if you are looking for an outdoor lighting solution I suppose there is a waterproof version for more money. If you have your own lights, make sure it has a remote controller for the color as well as all the charging cords.

3. String- I used it to tie the bow together.

4. Electrical Tape- only to cover open connections if necessary.

Step 2: Setting Up the Lights

The lights I ordered came with minimal instruction as to the set up so I will do my best to explain how it is done.

1. Unroll the lights from the wheel so they do not overheat when they are plugged in.

2. The connections to the white receiver are fairly simple. However, note that the connection that uses the third linking piece can be fragile and disrupted by simple movement. As a solution I suggest wrapping this coupling in electrical tape for safety.

3. Test lights. Power button in top right corner of the remote. Make sure every color works.

DIY Lights:

Press a DIY button once, adjust color using the red-blue-green arrows just above. Press the same DIY button to save the color. If another color is selected after the first press, DIY mode is deactivated and the color will not be saved. After a color is saved it cannot be reset.

Step 3: Wrapping Wreath

1. Tuck the unconnected end of the lights into a space in the wreath. Secure in any way. This is the location that you'd be able to add more lights if you wanted to extend this string of lights.

2. Spiral the light strand around the wreath.

3. Layer the excess lights so they make a bow shape. See picture. Tie with string to secure.

Step 4: Try All the Colors!

Mount near an outlet and enjoy the wonderful colors!

Thank you for checking my project out!