Introduction: Holiday Box & Tags

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Don't just wrap your presents this year... make a box to remember with your laser for your loved ones! Easily laser cut and assemble this gorgeous box and tags set with our free design files.

You'll need...

- 1/8" wood sheeting

- paint, stain, and decorative items like glitter optional

Step 1: Laser Engrave & Cut Your Design

Download our design file (PDF or SVG) and insert into your laser program. Run the job and you will end up with four large side pieces and two slotted squares.

Step 2: Assemble Box Bottom

Notch the four rectangular side pieces into the smaller of the two square pieces to form an open box. Using preferably wood glue, glue the pieces together and press firmly together. Allow to dry.

Step 3: Assemble Top of the Box

Notch the remaining side pieces into the lid as you did with the bottom then glue.

Step 4: Add Decorative Panel

Glue a decorative top panel to the box to hide the notches and give it a festive flair!

Step 5: Decorate With Paint, Glitter, and More!

Finish off the festive look by staining or painting the outside of the box and making it as decorative as you'd like! Throw some glitter on, stamp it with more snowflakes or glue more 3D decor on. Whoever you're giving it to is going to LOVE it!