Introduction: Holographic Display From Simple Materials

Why not use your testbook cover to make a cool holographic display.


You just need a transparent plastic sheet (you can use your testbook cover) a sheet of squared paper, a scissors, a ruler, a sharpie and some tape.

Step 1: Make and Cut Your Template

Make a triangular shape on the paper according to the photo as your template and cut it. Use a squared paper to measure it easier. You can see the measurements on the photo.

Step 2: Trace the Template on the Plastic Sheet and Cut It

Put your template under the plastic sheet and trace it onto the sheet. After tracing the template cut the plastic. You should have four of these triangular shapes.

Step 3: Tape the Parts Together

After taping the parts together you should have a frustum shaped holographic display.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Hologram

You can turn your hologram upside down on your phone to use it as a holographic display. Use the your hologram with hologram videos on youtube!

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