Introduction: Home Flower Vase Decoration

It's a really easy project to do. I came up with this idea because I had a lot of vases and i didn't know what to do with all of them so i decided to make them into a home decorations but they really don't have to made for just at home if you don't feel like buying center pieces for a wedding and you wanna have something for it that has like and expensive look but its secretly cheap then you can use these cases for center pieces. You can get the supplies at any store.


There are not many supplies for this project.


A vase

Fake flowers

2 old head bands

Jewels to put inside the vases

Glue ( Prefer Hot Glue)

Step 1: Vase Wrap

The first step is to take the head bands and you cut them into one long strip. Then you take that strip and wrap it around the vase until it's where it's tight around the vases and it doesn't slide off and you do the same step with the second head band but yours going to make that one thinner and overlap it on top of the first one then your going to secure it in place by hot gluing it in the back where you cut it in half at.

Step 2: Filling Part of the Decoration

After you finish with the wrap of the vase you can take your jewels or whatever you want to fill the vase you can use anything just be creative with it. You can fill it halfway or all the way just make it your own. What i did was I filled the vase with a mixture of pink diamonds and clear and pearl stones and I hot glued a Jewel to the front of my wrap.

Step 3: Just Put in the Flowers

After you finish putting your vase filling in you just put in your flowers (DO NOT USE REAL FLOWERS)