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Introduction: Home-Grown Sprouts- So Fresh - So Good - So Easy!

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This is an instructable on how to grow your own sprouts for a delicious salad that you can do without much effort. Sprouts are full with nutrient and much better than fully grown vegetable.

It's easy to do and quick to enjoy. Let's begin!

Step 1: Waht You'll Need

Here is a list of what you'll need:

1 Container: Salvage and reuse your plastic trays, fast-food containers (clean it up first), water bottles, biscuit tin box (use a plastic bag to cover it to prevent rust)... a good way to do some good things to the Mother Earth.
2. Paper napkin: Just normal one that you use in your kitchen
3. Seeds: lettuce, green/red/black beans, peanut, soya bean, sunflower seeds, sesame... will do
4. Water spray
5. Patience and a smile :)

In this instructables, I use lettuce seeds.

Step 2: Prepare Your Seeds

1. Soak your seed in warm water (the ratio is 2 boiling water + 3 normal tap water)

* Be careful with hot water! Don't get burnt!*
2. Leave soaked seeds in shadow for 3 -6 hours. It's best if you start the night before and you'll have it ready the next morning.
3. After about 6 hours, get the seeds out of water.

Step 3: The Container

Lay a clean cotton tower or paper napkins (medium) on top of your container, spray it to wet.

For the medium, there is a variety of choices for you, anything that is clean enough for food and can hold water for your seeds. You can use cotton, clean towel, or even nothing but one container of water and another holed container of seeds, or you can use soil if you want. But the pros of using other medium than soil is that it save your time to clean the sprouts.

Step 4: Plant Your Seeds

Now your seeds and container is ready. Disperse your seed evenly on your prepared container. Put another lay of napkin or medium on top of your seeds and spray some more water on it to keep it moist. Leave it in shadow again for 12-24 hours

Visit it and spray some water to the humidity inside the container.

Step 5: And...

It's really interesting to see the seeds changing everyday. Don't let the medium dry, your seeds live mainly on water, but don't let it soaked, the sprouts die even sooner. The tiny little sprouts, they look so beautiful.

A few more day until you see the sprouts are about 2-3 inches tall. Don't let them grow too old as they'll not taste good (will be a bit bitter) and you'll have your own home-growth fresh sprouts for a salad.

I read that sprouts contain a great deal of vitamins and they are much healthier than fully grown vegetables.

As an aside, in my country, vegetables in particular and food hygiene in general is at alert. Poisonous agricultural chemicals and insecticide are used so recklessly. Many of us are not farmers but have to start to grow our own veggies, to reduce as much as possible what we have to buy from the market.

For me, I have very limited space at home for a decent garden, so I do hydroponics and growing sprouts this way is one of my favorite. It takes very little effort to enjoy great result!

Anyway, fresh green sprouts are ready to serve, enjoy everyone!

Step 6: Home Garden Photo Sharing...

P/S: I add some of my little garden photos just to share with you.
Have a good day!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    thank you all for the nice comments and sharing!


    7 years ago

    Have you thought about entering this in the Indoor Gardening contest? You'd have my vote. :)


    7 years ago

    Thanks for the great 'ible! It's very clear and well explained, and the pictures are quite helpful. Would you consider doing more instructables on hydroponics and small scale gardening? You look like you've gotten very good at it, and have a lot of knowledge to share.


    7 years ago on Step 6

    I have garden / sprout envy! Have a serious black thumb!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Oh lovely! Thanks for the clear and simply instructions. What a nice little garden you have!