Introduction: Home IOT Security System

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The Pictures are Screen Shots from My OpenSource Program Called OpenHAB ..I am using version 1.8 as I am comfortable with it

Step 1: Install Particle Power Shield

You can use just about any Means of installing a Particle including using a breadboard ..But I opted for the Penteon power shield as I needed to have 1-18volt AC input and 12 VDC battery backup in the security panel . if your interested in purchasing the Particle Power Shield with relays contact

Step 2: Install 12 Volt DC Power Supply

I gutted an emergency light Exit light charging unit with battery and LED light as I wanted to have some light in my Security cabinet to work as well as the Motion Sensors I've installed require 12VDC as a power source.

Step 3: Other Materials You'll Need

You will need to purchases some PIR's(Motion Sensors) they are readily available from Amazon fairly cheap..As well as a Kidde Smoke Relay Module if you have Kidde smoke detectors in your home.I would recommend having Powered smoke detectors anyway as battery units can fail.

I also purchassed
2 x XBees 900 MHZ
2 x Particle Photons (
2 x Particle Power shields (I designed and had these made but are available from

Step 4: Particle Power Shield and XBee Configuration

I am also using an Xbee to transmit motion sensor data from my Camper(Workshop) to the main House using 2 900MHZ XBees and a Particle shield

Step 5: Programs

I used Node Red ( an intermediary between the Particle and my Home Linux Server
I used OpenHAB as ( as my home monitoring Program
I will Post the code and drawings of the sensors and controls here in the following days
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