Introduction: Home Made Aquarium With Glass

Home made aquarium with Glass
In this instructable iam going to share the steps for aquarium making at home.


Items required

*sheet Glass -4
*Glue Gun

Step 1: Cutting the Glass

Cut 3 Glasses having 30 cm length and 15 cm breadth. Then cut 2 Glasses having length 15 cm and breadth 15 cm with the help of a cutter

Step 2: Attaching the Glass Piece

With help of glue gun attach all the glass pieces to make aquarium

Step 3: Aquarium Top

With the help of a blue cardboard make a roof top with length 35 cm and breadth 17cm and with the help of a screw and scotter driver make the top more stable

Step 4: Water Testing

To our home made glass aquarium pour water to it to check that it can store water

Step 5: Conclusion

Our sweet home made glass aquarium is ready for fishes to swim
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