Introduction: Rainbow Shining Bottle Art

What about decorating your home with rainbow?.. A CD has many tiny grooves cut into the recorded surface. The light is scattered by the tiny groves and white light split into the rainbow colors when scattered.. Using a beer bottle and cd let's decorate our home


* Beer Bottle
* Chart paper
*instrument box

Step 1: Cutting of CD

Cut the CD into small pieces(here I'm using 3 CD's)

for cutting the CD easily, put it into hot water for 15-20 minutes

Step 2: Heart Shape From Chart

Cut out 2 heart shape from the chart paper then glue the CD pieces over it

Step 3: Pasting Cut Piece of Cd in the Bottle

Apply Glue all over the beer bottle and paste the CD pieces and heart shape on it.

Step 4: Bottle Cap Decoration

For decorating the cap cut the CD pieces into rectangle shape. Then paste it on the cap of the beer bottle

Step 5: Conclusion

Rainbow shining bottle art work is finished. We can decorate our beauty house with this art work. Everyone will be impressed

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