Introduction: Home Made Compass

Easy steps to build a compass.


• Three pencils, preferably two of the same size and one shorter. The two long ones need to be longer and have a pointy edge. The short one does not matter if its sharpened or not. • Ten small rubber bands. Only 3 will be used but if one breaks, it is better to have more available. • A sheet or paper to draw the circle on.

Step 1:

Place the two long pencils next to each other with the tips facing down.

Step 2: Tie Long Pencils

Take a rubber band and tie the two long pencils together by the end of the erasers.

Step 3: Separate Pencils

Form an X by separating the tips of the pencils in opposite directions.

Step 4: Tie the Third Pencil

Take the third pencil, and with another rubber band, tie the part where the yellow part of the pencil begins with the start of the yellow part of a long pencil.

Step 5: Do the Same With the Other Side of the Pencil

Take the other end of the short pencil and, with another rubber band, tie it with the other long pencil at the same height to form a triangle.

Step 6: Check Rubber Bands

Ensure that all of the rubber bands are well placed so that they do not slip.

Step 7: Raise Short Pencil

Raise the short pencil up, approximately 2 inches.

Step 8: Adjust Size

Adjust the size of the circle by moving one of the long pencils toward the center or out of the short pencil.

Step 9: Hold Compass

Hold the compass by the middle section.

Step 10: Put Compass on Paper

Rest the compass on a sheet of paper.

Step 11: Put Pressure

Put more pressure on one long pencil, which will mark the center of the circle

Step 12: Rotate Paper

Rotate the paper slowly until forming a complete circle.

Step 13:

Congratulations! You have successfully build a homemade compass.