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Introduction: Home Made Fire Starter

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Egg crate
Dryer lint
BBQ - briquette
Steel wool
Wax ( candles work great)

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Step 1: Briquette

Smash up briquettes so you have 12 pieces.

Step 2: Steel Wool

Cut steel wool into small pieces - you need 12 pieces.

Step 3: Candles

Use candles
Dollar store is best

Once you melt your candles you can reuse the wicks.

Step 4: Dryer Lint and Egg Crate

Step 5: Put Items Into Crate

Place briquette into crate
Then steel wool
Top off with dryer lint
Remove lid
Then set aside

You can use other materials as well such as wood chips.

Step 6: Melt Wax

Melt wax
Save wicks

Step 7: Put Wicks in Crate

Step 8: Pour Wax Over Crate

Pour wax over crate, make sure you get a good amount in each cup.

Step 9: Let Cool

Let your cups cool
Then break them apart
You will have 12 fire starters when finished.

Step 10: Store Until Use

I store mine in a large peanut butter container.

Step 11: Variations

Here is the ones we just made and one from my last batch using saw dust.

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    8 years ago

    Since I use these for starting fires they usually get fully engulfed in the fire and melt away. I have never burned one as a stand alone burner. As far as smells, outside in a fire pit I have never smelled anything other than camp fire.
    I always use lint in my burners because it's free and I always have it. Even the saw dust one has lint in it. I am trying steel wool this time because it burns very hot and I am winter camping soon.