Introduction: Home Made Gas Turbine/ Jet Engine Extra Large Version!!

About: My name is Brendon and I live on a hobby farm in sunny Australia. My main interests are Gas Turbines (Jet Engines), High Voltage electricity and Computers.
Here are some photos of my jet engine and jet kart as it progresses through the build.
This has a lot more power compared to my previous intructrable on the test jet, it should have around 30-35 kg (60-70lbs) of thrust .
That is an AI Research turbo charger.
Feel welcome to ask questions I will answer ASAP.
Expect updates over the next month or two.
Update here is the finished product:

 If your a fan of Jets or a fellow Gas Turbine builder, Like this:

Video update (May 2013) (hoping to do a road test this winter):

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