Introduction: DIY LED Projector V 2.0

Previously I posted instructable on how to make LED HD
projector that you can see here-

This was my first attempt to make projector then I more improve it and add many other features.

So I upgraded my projector. Many new features I added in this version that was needed for professional look.

What’s New –

1. Keystone correction feature added.

2. Now my projector more brighter.

3. New box design looks smaller.

4. Add internal speaker.

5. Add relay module for auto on/off LED light with my LCD remote.

6. Batter box finishing look like company product.

7. Add new menus buttons.

Step 1: How to Add Relay Module?

I bought 5v relay module from @ 190 /- INR. I connect it with my 5v lcd controller pan drive power source and output terminal (COM and NO) connected with LED light driver and 240v power source. Now when I on my LCD controller with my remote the relay get triggered and LED light on automatically.

Step 2: How Setup All Things ?

Step 3: Finshing

I use rexine for finishing touch which is use for making seat covers.

Step 4: Results in Completely Dark Room

Results In Completely Dark Room From 10 Feet Distance and Image Size Approx 100 Inch diagonally.