Introduction: Home Made Induction Cooker

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Make a very convenient and robust induction heater at home by watching this video

Step 1: Frame Construction

Make a frame according the top plate size or as you think convenient.

Step 2: Frame Construction

After measuring the center make a horizontal plane to lay the coil on it.

Step 3: Parts Fitting

Make appropriate fitting stands for the motherboard and cooling fan. Make sure the cooling fan must be above the heat sink of the motherboard and beneath the coil.

Step 4: Front and Outer Finish

For finishing and good looking stick sun-mica on it and make an appropriate cut for control panel in front side.

Step 5: Fitting All the Parts

Now fit all the parts and tight them with the screws. Also connect all the sockets and main lead to power supply.

Step 6: Finishing With Top Glass

Now adhere the top glass with a little quantity of fevicol. Remember that the surface of all four borders should not be covered by the top glass. Make some space for ventilation between top glass and the border surfaces.

Step 7: Done

Now a home made induction heater is ready to use.