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This is very useful device and must be installed in almost every house. Although these type of devices are already available in the market. But they may be costly and may not be durable and accurate for 7 level indications. So here I am going to tell you about how to make it at home like a professional one. See this video for its live functionality.

Step 1: Making Its Circuit Very Simply

First of all you need to make its circuit. I have made its very easy and comprehensive circuit. I presented it in a very professional way through the Power Point and then converted it into a very convenient video format. You may go to my YouTube channel "Satyam TechTricks" to watch it or simply click here.

Step 2: Making a Display Panel

You should make an indication display panel as you like or as per your convenience. Fit the circuit into this panel. you may feed it with 5 volt power supply. You may keep the power supply built-in or you may use an external mobile charger also.

Step 3: Making of Water Level Sensors

For sensing the water levels you need 7 sensors to sense the different levels of your water tank. I made it with good quality nut bolts in a piece of cpvc pipe and connected all the sensors to the circuit using copper wires. For a common probe I just used aluminum stick. See the detail in this video.

Step 4: Installation Into the Water Tank

As my water tank is made up of concrete material. Therefor I have fixed it firmly in the wall permanently. For complete view see my video carefully.

Step 5: Install Your Display Panel

You must install your indication unit where it is most convenient for viewing and also should be closed to the water tank.

Step 6: This Works Very Accurately

This water level circuit works very accurately at each level. So make it and install it in your house.