Home Made Lip Balm

Introduction: Home Made Lip Balm

How to make your very own lip balm with what you have at home

Step 1: Get Your Ingredients

  • Small container (to put your finished lip balm in)
  • 1-2 tsp coconut oil
  • 1-2 tsp beeswax (same amount as coconut oil)
  • color or flavor (optional)
  • old lipstick (optional)
  • Teaspoon
  • Small microwave safe bowl

Step 2: Making

  1. Put coconut oil, and cut beeswax into a small microwave safe bowl. add more or less depending how big or small your container is.
  2. Put in the microwave for 10 second shifts at medium, mix slightly in between
  3. When every thing has been melted if you want color add in a drop of food coloring of some old lipstick. If you want flavor and in some flavoring then mix it all together.
  4. When it is all blended in poor it into your small container, you can go slightly above the top, then leave in to set in the fridge for about 10-15 minuets

Step 3: Finished

There is no step three because you just finished making your lip balm!

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    5 years ago

    can we use like normal candle wax?


    6 years ago

    This is so cool! I never knew that you could make your own lip balm before!

    Ellie B
    Ellie B

    Reply 6 years ago

    Yeah! Heaps of different ways to make it!

    Ellie B
    Ellie B

    6 years ago

    Hey Nadine! You finally posted something! Nice lip balm, might try it when I get home!