Introduction: 5 Minute Build - Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV)

This is a fun easy to make flying MAV(Miro Aerial Vehicle) out of house hold items. You can make this with in 5 minutes. I have also provided some improvements which you can try out.

The first known flying mechanism came from the Chinese inventiveness - kites and a toy called “Bamboo copter” or “Bamboo Dragon Fly”. The idea is similar to this MAV. A propeller connected to a stick when rotated will fly upwards. Here instead of a stick, the motor will power the propeller.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

For this project you need the following items,

  1. Glue gun
  2. 1 x Pen cap
  3. 1 x Coreless 3.6V DC motor
  4. 1 x Propeller

Step 2: Take the Cap

Step 3: Remove the Black Part

Step 4: Insert Motor Into One of the Open Part

Step 5: Attach the Propeller

Step 6: Glue the Cap on One Side

This is to counter the weight of battery which we will fix on the opposite side.

Step 7: Glue the Battery and Make Connection

Glue battery on the other side and connect both red wires together and glue that joining. This is to avoid accidental short circuit. Once it crash lands, there is always chance for a shorting both wires of the battery. This will avoid that scenario.

Step 8: Time for the Flight Test

Connect the other wire loosely so that if it crashes, the connection should be broken. Have fun flying... If you want to see some more improvements that can be made to the current design, keep reading...

Step 9: Further Improvements - 1

Even though this MAV flies very well, it is no way stable. The propeller will create a rotational torque to the entire body that in turn makes the whole MAV rotates while flying up. This is an attempt to counter that torque by adding one more propeller that will counter the rotational torque.

Step 10: Further Improvement - 2

You can also place the second propeller other than on the same axis. This one I have created out of plastic IC package.

Step 11: Further Improvement - 3

With some more electronics, you can control the MAV also. This one can be wirelessly controlled from a joystick.

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Step 12: Saftey

The propellers will be rotating at a very high speed. So be cautious if you are trying to make one. Also if you have a glass, wear that one while you are testing. Propeller can fly off from the motor if you didn't fix it in a proper way. :-P

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