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I just came across this awesome and fairly new substance that is called sugru. Sugru is a whole nother class of silicon because it bonds to most materials, and when it sets this stuff is basically indestructible. I didn't really feel like buying this stuff online so i did some searching on line and came across this way make sugru and it was very cheap, in all it probably only cost me $4 to $5 to make around 9 ounces.

Step 1: What You Need

- silicon caulk (you can get this at any home improvement store)
- A paper cup
- A plastic spoon
- Corn starch/corn flour
- Food coloring

Step 2: The Mix

Put the amount of silicon caulk you want into the plastic cup, the mix is 50/50 so you are going to want to put the same amount of corn starch in the cup as you put silicon caulk.

Step 3: Coloring It

You can color this any way you want but I used a few drops of food coloring and mixed it thoroughly until it turned the color I want

Step 4: Adding Water

Now time to add a very small amount of water, after you add the water mix it around and dump the excess water out. the mix is going to be a little soggy so add a pinch or so of corn starch and mix it in to the mix. now you should be left with a substance like play-do that you can mold, bend, and twist around.

Note: if your mix is still too sticky to use you can put some corn starch in you hand and start rolling the mix around in your hand.

Step 5: Finished

Now you don't have to go online and get ripped off by the sugru company you can just make your own sugru.

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