Introduction: Home Reminder

This project can help remind your family that you're home if they are busy with housework or other stuff. The reason why I create this reminder is that every day when I go home from school, my mom is usually cooking and she couldn't hear that I'm back home, so I design this home reminder to remind my mom that I'm home. The planet will light on when the photoresist senses me back home and it will convey to the LED lights then make the planet lighting.

Step 1: Prepare Materials

Arduino Leonardo * 1

Breadboard * 1

USB cable * 1

Electric pen * 1

Jumper wires * 9

Long wires * 2

Alligator clip-wire * 2

LED lights * 2

Photoresistance * 1

510KΩ resistance * 2

10K resistance * 1

A box * 1

A planet-like ball * 1

Step 2: Connect the Wires

First, connect the wires with the Arduino Leonardo and the breadboard, also use the electric pen to weld the photoresistance and the long wires together so that it can powers up. Second, use the clip from those long wires to pinch the wires together. Make sure the circuit is working through those wires.

Step 3: Here's the Code

You can look at this simulation diagram to connect those materials.

When the induction of photoresistance is greater than 800, LED lights will light up.

On the contrary, when the induction of photoresistance is smaller than 800, LED lights will light out.

You can click the link to get the code

Step 4: Cut the Box

Use scissors or tool that is sharp to cut out the box so that the USB cable and those wires can connect the computer and your device together and work out smoothly. Also cut a big circle or square to let the LED light through the balls and make it become protruding.

Step 5: Decorate the Box and Test the Reminder

Find a box that fits your Arduino and decorate it with your planet-like ball and put it at places where your family can see it and also places that you will go through every day. Then you're finished, Congratulations.