Introduction: Arduino Optimistic Shinning Cube Project

The project was originated by

I changed the words from "ARDUINO" to "BE HAPPY" and also add a smiling face. The shining part had also been changed, the shining part used to place at the part that didn't have words, but I changed the shining part to those words and emoji.

This shinning cube project can make you become optimistic when you are feeling depressed. You can try since it is very easy to complete and also make your day better.

Here's the video:

Step 1: Prepare Materials


Jumper wires kit (generic) *16,

Arduino Leonardo *1,

Adafruit 8 x 8 LED Matrix *1,

USB cable *1,

box *1,

and tape

Step 2: Connect the Wires

Connect the wires with the Arduino Leonardo and the Adafruit 8 x 8 LED Matrix. It can make sure the circuit is working through the wires.

Step 3: Code

Click the link and get the code.

After editing:

Step 4: Decoration

Find a box and other materials you want to adorn the equipment which makes it looks better