Introduction: Home Security Motion Sensor

In this instructable ,I am going to build you can build a PIR motion sensor home security can make your own casing and layout.


Pir sensor x1

18650 battery x1

battery charger module x1

buzzer x1

toggle switch x1

wires x1

Step 1: The Wiring

Connect the battery's + and - to the chargers + and -.Take a wire from the + and connect it to the middle pin of the switch. Take a wire from any side of the switch to the vcc of the pir sensor. Connect the battery's - terminal to the GND of the PIR sensor.Connect the out of the sensor to the input of the buzzer and the battery - terminal to the GND of the buzzer.

There is a jumper n the circuit side that can be used to set different output modes but the motion sensing will be the same. Also we can solder a temperature sensor or an LDR, then the PIR sensor will only work at night.

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