Introduction: Homemade Air Cooler

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Hello everyone,

In this Instructable I show you how to turn a fan into an air cooler.

It is a very easy project and most people have the necessary supplies.


Parts you will need:

- Fan

- 2 empty plastic bottles

- 4 Zip ties

- Ice cubes

Tools you will need:

- Nippers

- Soldering iron or drill

- Sharp knife

Step 1: Prepare the Bottles

Using the knife, cut open the bottom of the bottles. Do not cut the last 20 mm. This section serves as a hinge.

Note: it can be difficult to get through the bottle. This allows you to shoot out with all the consequences that entails. Be careful with the cutting!

Step 2: Make Holes in the Bottles

Make small holes in the center part of the bottle (from the valve in step 1 to 100mm from the cap).

I did this using the soldering iron. Toxic fumes are released here. Use good extraction or do this outdoors. An alternative is to use the drill.

Step 3: Mount the Bottles on the Fan

For this step you need the 4 zip ties.

Thread the zip ties through the bottle holes and attach the bottle to the fan.

By slightly bending the front end of the zip tie you can easily pull them through the grid of the fan.

Now secure the bottom with zip ties around the bottle neck and to the fan.

Cut the ends with the cutting pliers.

Step 4: Fill Bottles With Ice Cubes

First check that the bottle caps are tight to prevent leakage.

Fill both bottles with ice cubes. In the images I filled to the top. Because of this I had leakage through the small holes when they melted. Filling 2/3 of the bottle is sufficient.

Step 5: Ready!

The air cooler is ready for use!

Turn on the fan. The air that is sucked in comes through the bottles with calibration cubes and is cooled. Enjoy it!

In the next step (or in the video) you can see how to drain the water from the melted ice cubes.

Step 6: Drain the Water

When the ice cubes have melted, the water will remain in the bottle. By holding a container underneath and unscrewing the cap you can easily let it go.

After this, the bottles can be refilled with ice cubes and the air cooler can be turned on again.

Thanks for reading this Instructable!

Stay healthy and cool! See you soon.