Introduction: Homemade Alcohol Stoves

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I found that Alcohol stoves was very useful for backpackers because it's compact and portable.And i've seen lot's of instructables here and videos in youtube how to make one.,And i started to make one myself because i found it interesting how it works and i keep on making until i found what suits my need for it.It is very useful not only for backpackers,campers it is very useful too for home use ,specially in time of emergency situation when you run out of LPG fuel to run your stove.,during strong typhoons when powergrid are down and you don't have a choice but to use stove using charcoal or woods in which you normally do on outdoor only.,And i found that using alcohol stove is the best way to go in time of situations like this.That's how it made me started to build one myself and i want to share it here.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

•Soda can (at least 2 cans)
•Cutter or sharp knife or blade
•Sand paper (fine grit) for removing brand paint.
•Scrubbing pad for smooth metallic finishing touches

*(Optional materials listed below are needed and it varies on what type of alcohol stove to make)
-for this project i used the following aside from list mentioned above.

•High Capacity Hoop Alcohol Stove•
*open jet pressurized type
*fuel capacity 100ml or 3.38 oz

•Nivea aluminum cannister 169grams
•Pepsi slim can 250ml (1 only) 
•DuraSteel Epoxy (or JB weld)
•Fiberglass (Chopped Strand Mat type)

**i used Fiberglass CSM for this is the only material i have on hand(to use as a Wick instead of Carbon Felt(and i got lots of Fiberglass CSM.Left over from past project i made.

*NOTE: Other optional material are also needed if you need to build a Pot Stand
•some of  the stoves no longer needs a pot stand separately.

*NOTE: Different type of Alcohol Stove Design will be shown in some part of this ible.

Step 2: Alcohol Stove List

The alcohol stove type on wooden cabinet shown on image are listed here.,from top left to right 
1.Fancy Feast stove(out of Catfiod can and Sardines can-concept by Hiram Cook & Zelph influence (for using fiberglass instead of Carbon Fiber.
2.Soda Can Open Jet Hoop Stove 1
3.Soda CanOpen Jer Hoop Stove 2 with Alcohol fuel plastic Container on top.
4.Alcohol Lamp( commercial piece)
5.Penny Can Alcohol Stove by Jujitsu
6.Micro Capillary Hoop Stove-designed by Tetkoba
7.Micro Open Jet Side Burner Stove
8.Cannister for 6 Simmer Ring for all the stoves.
9.High Capacity Hoop Stove outside of the cabinet.(7th Alco-Stove).

Note: The 7th alcohol stove (High Capacity Hoop Stove)was the only one i documented while i'm making it. And I apologized for not making the instructables for all the alcohol stoves i showned here.,I did'nt document all of it.,But you can find great instructables for making one of them here in Instructables.

Note: the script written on the cabinet was already there when i got it from a japanese thrift store(if some may ask me what is it? i don't know!,The only thing i wrote there was the Zen logo found on the top left corner of the cabinet.And my name in Japanese script found on below right corner of the cabinet (i just converted my name via online converter to match the pre written script on the cabinet . :-)

Step 3: How to Make

How to make the stove :

•High Capacity Hoop  Stove•
*open jet pressurized type
*fuel capacity 100ml or 3.38 oz

*Gather all the necessary materials and tools ready and follow on step by step guide here and follow on images with  guide how to create some parts of the stoves.

1.Get the center of Nivea cannister.,using compass -draw a circular guide for cutting the hole equivalent to Slim Pepsi can diameter.
2.Score the circular pattern guide you just made using Exacto knife or blade.Until you cut it through.
3.After scoring and cutting of the nivea can.,Check if your Pepsi can (the burner) fits on the hole you just made on the nivea cannister.,Sand it with  sand paper to adjust the hole if needed to fit your burner.
4.Burner(Pepsi Slim can) preparation 
-just refer to the image how to make one.
5.Inner wall preparation
-just refer to the image how to make one.
6.Wrap the inner wall with Fiberglass
(this serve as your stove wick).If fiberglass is not available.,List of applicable wick material will be shown in some parts of this ible.
7.Seal all the leak using Durasteel epoxy or JBweld to prevent leaks.
8.Use aluminum tape to seal the fuel cannister(nivea can).I used aluminum tape instead of sealing it permanently with epoxy.,So i can repair it easily if problems occurs.,or replace it's  wick easily without damaging the whole stove.
9.After assembling all the parts together.,Test it using at least 1 oz of denatured alcohol .
10.If all works and burns to your liking.,A finishing touch of removing the the brand color that would add a chrome finishing  on your stove.

*Please refer to images for more guides

Credits to: 

*Tetkoba's concept of High Capacity Micro Capillary Hoop Stove 

*This is where i get the concept for this project but used the Classic Hoop Stove design of Trangia with wick on the inner wall as shown on image (Mini Trangia tear down by Hiram Cook)showing the cross section part of Trangia Stove with Cotton Fiber inside as wick.

Step 4: Burner and Inner Wall

How to make the burner and inner wall

Step 5: Adding the Wick

Wick Material

There are many popular materials used or that can be used in stove applications.  Many wick material are intended for high heat applications, but even some lower temperature rated materials can be used for lower temp applications or short term applications.

• I used fiberglass chop strand mat for this is the material i have.

Step 6: Sealing the Burner

•Sealing the burner's outer wall part attached to the fuel chamber top cover to prevent alcohol and vapor to leak making it tight sealed for best stove pressure performance.

•Attaching the burner and the inner hoop wall with wick wrapped on it.

Step 7: Stoves Performances

The alcohol stoves i made performed for me well.My recorded notes are as follows:
Note:Apology for i can't support it with video recording of the actual boil and burn test.

1.Fancy Feast stove
•Bloom starts at 10 secs
•2 cups of water boils in 6 min 40 secs
•Burn last at 12 mins 6 secs
•Fuel load  30cc Denatured Alcohol

2.Micro CHS 
•Bloom starts at 10 secs 
•2 cups of water boils at 8 mins 6 secs
•Burn last at 16 mins 10 secs
•Fuel load 30cc Denatured Alcohol

3.Open Jet Hoop Stove 2
•Bloom starts at 60 secs
•2 cups of water boils at 4 min 30 secs
•Burn last at 8 mins 10 secs
•Fuel load 30cc Denatured Alcohol

4.Micro Open Jet Side Burner Stove
•Bloom start at 30 secs
•Burn last at 3 min 30 secs
•Fuel load 10 cc only(Denatured Alcohol)
•No water boil test conducted yet

5.Penny can stove (1st Diy Alco-Stove)
•no recordings of test conducted.This was the 1st stove i used and used it for 6 days at home.,Performed for me very well-for cooking and boiling.,i was very satisfied with it.,The downside only with this kind of  stove was, it needs a priming pan that it doesnt matter to me anyway.,

6.Open Jet Hoop Stove 1
•Bloom starts at 10 secs
•2 cups of water boils at 4 min 30 secs
•Burn last at 8 mins 10 secs
•Fuel load 30cc Denatured Alcohol

7.High Capacity Hoop Stove(with Instructable)
•Bloom starts at 8 secs
•2 cups of water boils at 4 min 5 secs
•Burn last at 12 mins 57 secs
•Fuel load 30cc Denatured Alcohol

.: 100ml Fuel will burn up to 43 mins

*** used measuring cup
* 1 cup = 240 ml

Step 8: Stove Specifications

Step 9: Flame Patterns and Tests

•Flame patterns of the  project(High Capacity Hoop Stove)

•Different types of Alcohol stoves burning flames pattern as shown on picture below:

Step 10: DIY Pot Stand

I'm comfortable using pot stand on alcohol stove.,even some alcohol stove can stand alone with any pot without pot stand.
Here are the pot stand made for the alcohol stove.

Step 11: Result

As a beginner in alcohol stove.I found it very interesting and it's really fun to watch that blue flame coming out of those jets from the stove. that amazingly can boil and cook just like an ordinary gas stove at home.And i'm very happy with the result.,Credits to the people who i mentioned along this ible.,
So there it goes again.,another instructables shared here,hoping it help those who are planning to make their own alcohol stove though there are plenty of designs to choose from and we all know commercial alcohol stove are available everywhere.But building your own alcohol stove is fun and happy to play with.So there it is,hoping you find it helpful.,Thank you for reading!
Happy cooking !