Introduction: Homemade Apple Chips / Healthy Snack for Kids

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Hi guys! Here's how you can easily make apple chips at home.

All you need is:
- 3 apples

- chopping board & knife

- cookie cutters

- food dehydrator (costs US$ 40+)

- cinnamon power (optional)

Step 1: Slice Apples.

Wash and slice the apples, the thinner the crispier.

Step 2: Cut Out the Apple Seeds.

I used cookie cutters to remove the seeds easily.

Step 3: Place the Sliced Apple Chips in the Food Dehydrator.

Place the sliced apple chips in the food dehydrator.

Step 4: Set the Food Dehydrator for 10 Hours at 70°C.

Dehydrate sliced apples for 10 hours at 70°C.

In case you prefer extra crispy chips, you can set the timer for 12 hours.

Step 5: Read to Eat! :)

Sprinkle some cinnamon powder if you like and enjoy! :)