Introduction: Homemade Apple Sauce

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Hey guys/gals I'm going to be showing you how to make homemade applesauce for a tasty snack or a side dish at your Thanksgiving meal. First things first you can't make good apple sauce with out good apples! I would suggest getting a variety of apples such as grimes golden, Fuji, gala, and golden delicious. If you want to use different apples make sure they are soft not squishy but soft. Now that you know what apples you want lets get started.

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

You will need:

1/4 peck of apples (12 apples)
1 tsp of cinnamon
1/4 cup of sugar
1 3/4 cup of water
Foley food mill
Alternative: strainer and a potato masher
Apple peeler,slicer,and corer
Alternative knife and your hands
A spoon
A big pot

Step 2: Cutting Coring Peeling

And yes it does it all. You might be able to find a hand cranked cutting coring peeling machine online or at an apple orchard gift store. I would highly suggest getting one if your planning on making boatloads of applesauce. If you just want to make a bowl of apple sauce you could just use a peeler and a knife. If you use a peeler and a knife cut the apple into cubes or thin slices. Once your finished preparing the apples put them in a big pot and let's move on.

Step 3: Cooking

Take your big pot full of apples and put them of you stove. Add 1 3/4 cups of water to the apples and turn the stove burner to medium high. Give it about 5 minutes to warm up. Then mix together your cinnamon and sugar in a small bowl and sprinkle it around the apples. You might want to turn the stove down to in-between low and medium. Mix everything together with a large spoon. Then put the lid on the pot and about every 4 minutes stir it again. Do this until the apples are not crunchy but also not a pile of glop. You want the apples to be soft!

Step 4: Making the Sauce

Now your apples should be cooked and off the stove. Put your food mill under a bowl and take a ladle and use it to scoop the cooked apples into the food mill. Put in one spoonful, crank, spoonful, crank. Keep doing that until and the apples turn into sauce. And your done! Put your questions below and I will try to answer them. Thanks for reading!