Introduction: Homemade BUTTER!

First you need a pint of cream and a mason jar. I used organic heavy whipping cream which added an extra step. Stick to regular cream. ( organic if you prefer)

Step 1: Pour Into Jar

Pour the cream into the jar, put the lid on and make sure it's tight!

Step 2: SHAKE IT UP!

Now the fun part...SHAKE IT UP! Shake it continuously for about 10 minutes.

Step 3: Pour Out the Buttermilk

After about 10 minutes you will notice the butter and the buttermilk starting to separate. Keep shaking for a few more minutes till you have a lump of butter. Use the lid to strain out the buttermilk. This can be used for baking!

Step 4: Rinse Repeat

Add some ice cold water to the butter, close the lid and shake some more, then drain it out. Repeat this process about 2-3 times, till the water is not so milky.

Step 5: VIOLA!

Scoop it into a container, you may add a little salt to taste. You now have fresh butter and buttermilk!